Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays!

Today we are talking about:

The Christopher Pepper Chronicles: The Silver Soda

Christopher Pepper is your average middle school student.  A couple of good friends, a girl he wants to impress, and of course a bully he wants to avoid.

When Christopher turns 13 he and his best friend, Schwaggs, get sucked into a dangerous adventure.  Christopher drinks a mysterious soda, gets run over by a car, meets a girl named fate, fights a werewolf, and gets captured by a bunch of military guys with guns... what a way to start a summer!

The over simplified plot is this:  a thirteen year old kid discovers that different flavored sodas give him different superpowers.  I have to admit to having a soft spot for anything in the super hero family.  I am a batman groupie from way back.  The Christopher Pepper story line was easy for me to imagine into a guilty pleasure super hero cartoon!  Lots of action, witty one-liners and the obligatory side kick!  (please don't tell Schwaggs I called him that)  I will be interested to see where the story takes these characters.


  1. I agree, this should be a good read for the young "tween" and a safe book to give one as a gift..jk

  2. I really love this book! I finished reading it three days ago and it's really packed with magic and action. I would definitely recommend it to anyone especially to kids and teens.