Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays

This week I read
They Called It Moosicide (Denali Hawthorne Mysteries)
by:  Lisa Hal Deckert

Denali Hawthorne is 16 and lives in Alaska.  One day she comes home from school to find her neighbor lying dead in the snow-- trampled by a moose.  Except Denali's seen a lot of moose, and none of them have ever been very confrontational.  What would make a moose do such a thing-- unless maybe the moose was framed.

Denali and her brother and friends have a mystery on their hands! 

This was a fun book.  I really liked Nali and it almost made me want to live in Alaska-- but I hate snow :-)  I will admit that I thought I had the whole thing figured out half-way through.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong.  I definitely would recommend this and I can't wait to check out the sequel

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays err... wednesdays (blame it on the turkey)

Last week I read:

Rex Rising (Elei's Chronicles)

Chrystalla Thoma

Meet Elei:  Bleeding little to no memory dumped off a boat wandering mean streets of a new exciting/scary world.  And that's where Chrystalla Thoma had me.  Even before the plot or the character drew me in I was entranced by Thoma's writing style.  Every sentence propels you into the next-- really cool.

Every moment of this story is action driven.  normally I would find this a little off putting as even the reader deserves a chance to rest and gather her thoughts, but Thoma is skilled enough to give us all the information and description we need to really believe in the seven islands that are the 'known world' without needing to inundate us with narration as is so often the case in the first volumes of a science fiction series.

The plot itself is extremely refreshing and unlike anything I have ever read.  The setting is all at once a believable (if awful) human situation and at the same time much to terrifying to be real. 
Super duper recommend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays!

Today we are talking about:

The Christopher Pepper Chronicles: The Silver Soda

Christopher Pepper is your average middle school student.  A couple of good friends, a girl he wants to impress, and of course a bully he wants to avoid.

When Christopher turns 13 he and his best friend, Schwaggs, get sucked into a dangerous adventure.  Christopher drinks a mysterious soda, gets run over by a car, meets a girl named fate, fights a werewolf, and gets captured by a bunch of military guys with guns... what a way to start a summer!

The over simplified plot is this:  a thirteen year old kid discovers that different flavored sodas give him different superpowers.  I have to admit to having a soft spot for anything in the super hero family.  I am a batman groupie from way back.  The Christopher Pepper story line was easy for me to imagine into a guilty pleasure super hero cartoon!  Lots of action, witty one-liners and the obligatory side kick!  (please don't tell Schwaggs I called him that)  I will be interested to see where the story takes these characters.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays!

Last week I read Manitou The Sky People by:  Lexus Luke.

Wray has come to live full time with her great grandomther (A Ute native american) in Colorado after her parents were murdered.  Wray was adopted by her parents and therefore into the tribe.  As much respect as she has for her adoptive culture she is somewhat more skeptical of their beliefs than her MawMaw, or even her friends Kanaan and Amaya.  All of that skepticism is going to have to change.

Out riding her horse Wray stumbles upon (or thrown upon since her horse was spooked) a shiny sparkly skull.  Just as she and her friends are discovering the amazing things that the skull can do (such as heal cuts almost instantly) they also discover how many dangerous people want it.

Kanaan, Amaya, and Wray are caught up in an adventure that will shatter everything Wray has ever known, and possible be the end of life as Wray knows it.

I enjoyed this story.  I will have to admit that it did take me a little while to relax into Ms Luke's writing style and become attached to the characters, but by the time I was halfway through I couldn't put it down.  The action and mystery and romance escalate at a rate that parrallels the steep story arch.  You all know what a sucker I am for a good romance, but even I was more swept up in the mystery aspect.

Like any worthy first installment this left me panting for a second.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays!

To-Read Tuesdays:

Last week I had the opportunity to read Patrick Patterson and the World of Others by: James Fryar.

Patrick Patterson and the World of Others

Patrick Patterson is a normal, if socially awkward, twelve year old boy from a small town in Texas.  Until one day he finds out that he isn't.  He isn't normal.  He isn't from Texas.  He isn't even Patrick Patterson.  That is only the beginning of all the isn'ts Patrick has to come to terms with the day before his thirteenth birthday when he finds himself thrust into an adventure that will change his life forever.

Patrick, his parents, and some very interesting friends have to race across the country trying to escape the evil creatures sent from Patrick's home-planet.  A place he only just learned existed.  Along the way Patrick must learn very quickly what is 'real' and that nothing is merely imaginary.

Mr. Fryar brings a new and refreshing take on some comfy old worn-soft themes.  His very descriptive writing style drew me into the story so I could be excited, terrified, angry, and elated right along with Patrick.  A character, who by the way, you are going to love.  The only part of this story I found less than satisfying was the end... because I cannot wait for the sequel!