Wednesday, November 23, 2011

To-Read Tuesdays err... wednesdays (blame it on the turkey)

Last week I read:

Rex Rising (Elei's Chronicles)

Chrystalla Thoma

Meet Elei:  Bleeding little to no memory dumped off a boat wandering mean streets of a new exciting/scary world.  And that's where Chrystalla Thoma had me.  Even before the plot or the character drew me in I was entranced by Thoma's writing style.  Every sentence propels you into the next-- really cool.

Every moment of this story is action driven.  normally I would find this a little off putting as even the reader deserves a chance to rest and gather her thoughts, but Thoma is skilled enough to give us all the information and description we need to really believe in the seven islands that are the 'known world' without needing to inundate us with narration as is so often the case in the first volumes of a science fiction series.

The plot itself is extremely refreshing and unlike anything I have ever read.  The setting is all at once a believable (if awful) human situation and at the same time much to terrifying to be real. 
Super duper recommend.

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